Top 6 FREE E-Commerce Platforms

E-Commerce Platforms

What if I told you that building an Ecommerce website doesn’t have to be expensive or hard? These days, the options to create a new ecommerce website are not limited. But creating them for free or at a low cost? It’s not so easy.

However, there are certain E-Commerce platforms that allow you to create your online store free of cost with some good features available. This article will help you find the best ecommerce website builder out there.

  1. Webstart

4M users depend mostly on Webstart. This is an ecommerce platform that allows you to create an online store for free. If you’ve used Wix, the experience here at Websstart is pretty similar. You can sell anything on this platform, from physical goods to digital items. It has a space of1 GB and is easy to use.

  1. Jimdo

This website builder consists of around 200,000 online stores having more than 20 million users. Jimdo offers a free plan and has a premium plan as well, to which you can switch later on. It has a storage space of 500MB and only physical goods can be sold on this platform.

  1. Squareup

This ecommerce platform comes from the popular POS (Point of Sale) system available for desktops, smartphones and tablets i.e. Square. You can create an online store on Squareup. Some features include: ticket selling, inventory management etc. Moreover, it provides flexible online payment system.

  1. Freewebstore

This is another ecommerce platform which is free and consists of around more than half million users. Their tagline is ‘ecommerce for everyone’ which attracts many users. On this platform, you can sell about 20 products for free. Some features include: free SSL, various on payment options and no transaction cost is incurred. Furthermore, only physical goods can be sold on this platform.

  1. MyOnlineStore

Another great platform consisting of around 40,000 stores. It provides responsive and modern designs as well as both offline and online payment options. Even Bitcoins are supported on this platform.

  1. WooCommerce

WooCommerce is an amazing tool which enables you to carry out your tasks like any other big online store would do. It is a powerful tool consisting of various features including SSL integration, various displaying options, it is good for SEO and it functions well for big stores as well. However, you might have to pay a little bit as WordPress does not come with hosting that is free.

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